Time to Unwind

Star Gazing – You can live your entire life and not see as many stars as you will in one night at Rancho de la Osa. An article in the Best Romantic Inn’s tabbed it best, “The Milky Way glitters, twinkles and dances against the canvas of the coal-black sky. Stargazing, paralleling the ambiance at the Rancho De La Osa Guest Ranch in the tiny hamlet of Sasabe, Arizona, has all the components of romance: intrigue, pursuit and wonderment.”

Romance – What better way to rekindle a romance than a visit to Rancho de la Osa. Enjoy a scenic hike, relaxing dip in our pool, a refreshing drink in our 300+ saloon cantina, take a relaxing stroll around the ranch and gaze at the countless stars. Retreat to your room and find the fireplace lit with your diffuser machine dispensing a soothing oil. Enjoy a quiet night with an occasional owl hoot or a coyote howl and wake up each morning to coffee in the Hacienda.

Inspiration – There’s a reason why world famous writers, politicians, filmmakers and businessmen visit Ranch de la Osa. If you plan on writing the next Pulitzer Prize winning novel, creating the next fortune 500 company or running for President of the United States – Rancho de la Osa will get those creative juices flowing, invigorate your senses and prepare you to face the outside world.

Friendship – For most vacations, you can spend a month at a hotel and not meet or even see another guest for your entire stay. Guests that stay here share a common bond and participate in activities together, eat meals and engage. At Rancho de la Osa you can form friendships that last a lifetime.