Outdoor Adventures

Rancho de la Osa is entirely secluded and peaceful and we aim to keep it that way. But, it’s also a sportsman’s paradise with diverse wildlife, endless amounts of trails and incredible mountain views. If you’re looking to relax in a peaceful oasis or embark on a bucket list adventure vacation, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Check out just a few of our activities to keep you busy during your stay at Rancho de la Osa:

Horseback Riding Program – If you’re an experienced rider or never been on a horse, we’ve got the ride for you. Our wranglers will match you with a horse appropriate to your experience level and lead you on scenic rides through sandy washes, over rocky terrain, past incredible rock formations and across lush desert grasslands. For more experienced riders, loping and trotting can be incorporated into rides where the terrain allows. Lessons are also available.

We offer two rides per day, except Sundays when the horses get the afternoon off. New guests will take a slow walking ride first, and then can move onto more advanced rides with trotting and loping if you demonstrate you can safely control your horse.

Horseback riding is available to children 5 years and older. Children 8 years and older may qualify for trotting and loping during rides (fast rides).

Guided Off-Road Tours – Go on an off-road adventure in one of our UTVs (Utility Task Vehicle). Our guide will take you and up to four other guests on an adventure to the United States-Mexico border or take you on a trip to explore the nearby ghost town ruins.

Guided Fat Tire Electric Bike Tours – You can ride a bike anywhere but this is one bucket list adventure you won’t find anywhere but Rancho de la Osa. Trade one saddle for another and experience the southwest on a fat tire electric mountain bike. You can peddle on your own or get assistance on those tough hills from a high powered motor capable of 20 mph speeds. Children must be at least 100 lbs and 5’2″ to ride the Fat Tire Electric Bikes.

Sport Shooting and .22 Range – As long as you’re visiting our “wild west” ranch, you might as well participate in our safe and fun shooting program. We don’t just have your typical shooting range experience, you can expect targets at different angles, heights and speed variations. Channel your inner Wild Bill Hickok and attempt to hit various objects set against a southern desert backdrop. Archery is available to children 5 years and older. .22 shooting is available to children 8 years and older, and shotgun shooting is available for children 16 years and older.

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting – with biodegradable targets and special 20 gage semi-automatic shotguns
  • 22 Range – We’ll have more than a few whisky bottles and targets to shoot at in a safe location.
  • Archery – Practice your marksmanship with our safe and fun instructed archery program.

Hiking – Walk a few yards from your room and you’ll likely run across the same trails forged by legendary figures like Pancho Villa. Walk on red clay trails towards the famous Baboquivari Mountain. Tour Buenos Aires wildlife refuge and run into giant jackrabbits, roadrunners and deer. Hike along old western ghost towns that still feature intact buildings.

Bird Watching – Rancho de la Osa borders the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and is a birdwatching paradise. Our ranch and surrounding areas are home to the endangered Masked Bobwhite Quail and 300 other species including Herons, Gray Hawks, Vermillion Fly Catchers, Loggerhead Shrikes and Golden Eagles,

Swimming – After a long day on the road or trails, nothing feels better than a relaxing dip in our heated pool. Great way to meet friends, soak up some sun or catch up on your reading.