What should I wear/bring to the ranch?

Ranch attire is casual, but if you wish to dress up for evenings, western wear is appropriate. We always suggest dressing in layers as desert temperatures will vary throughout the day. Below is a list of suggested packing items:


  • T-shirts/Sleeveless tops/Comfortable shirts
  • Long sleeve shirts – we highly recommend riding in long sleeve shirts to block the sun
  • Comfortable western or denim shirts
  • Bike Shorts / Tights / Underclothing – To minimize possible chafing from riding
  • Jeans/Long Pants – Pairs for riding and pairs for evening/daytime wear
  • Shorts/ Skirts
  • Belt
  • Outerwear – Jackets, vests and layers are suggested
  • Hoodies or pullovers
  • Bathing suit – For the pool


  • Walking/Hiking boots
  • Riding/Cowboy Boots – Boots with a slight heel are the safest if you do not have riding boots
  • Sandals/Flip flops – For the pool area


  • Cowboy Hat (w/Stampede String) and/or Ball Cap
  • Gloves for riding
  • Riding Helmet (recommended, but not required; we do have helmets for lend)

Additional Items

  • Sun Protection Items – Sunglasses, Lip balm, Sunscreen, After-sun moisturizer
  • Camera
  • Plug in converter – If you are traveling from outside the USA
  • Reusable plastic or stainless-steel water bottle
  • Lightweight backpack – allows you to carry your essentials during the day while keeping your hands free
  • Flashlight or headlamp
What will the weather be like?

Weather at the ranch depends on the time of year you’re coming. We’re located at 3500’ in elevation in the high desert, so there is generally a 20-30 degree daily temperature swing no matter the time of year; so we recommend packing layers. If you’re interested in the temperatures when you plan to come, here is a link to the average temperatures throughout the year.

When will I be charged for my stay?

We will collect the required deposit at the time of booking. The balance of your stay will be processed upon check in. Please have your payment method ready when you arrive at the ranch. Any incidentals added during your stay will be processed at check out.

What if I have never ridden a horse before?

Many of our guests have never ridden before. We have horses that are appropriate for all experience levels. Our wranglers are experienced in working with first-time or inexperienced riders, ensuring that you can learn and ride at your own pace.

Riding lessons are an additional charge of $20 per person for a group lesson, paid directly to the wrangler. If you are interested in a riding lesson, please inquire with ranch staff.

I am an experienced rider. Will the riding program work for me?

We have horses suitable for every level of riding, including the most experienced of riders. Many of our guests own their own horses and ride competitively.

Is there a weight limit for riding?

Our general riding weight limit is 250 lbs. However, we have a limited number of mules and draft crosses that can accommodate up to 280 lbs.

What are the minimum ages for activities?

Per our insurance, children must be at least 5 years old to ride. After completing a slow ride, guests 8 years and older may test to qualify for faster riding (trotting and loping on parts of the trail designated by the wrangler and the terrain). Archery is available for children 5 years and older. .22 caliber shooting is available for those 8 years and older. Clay pigeon shooting is for those 16 years and older.

Is there a separate children’s program?

The ranch is the perfect vacation for families to enjoy the activities, atmosphere and amenities together. We do not offer childcare or a children’s program.

Is the ranch a good place for solo travelers?

Dude ranches are by nature a great place for solo travelers. The safe and welcoming atmosphere offers the opportunity to relax on your own or mingle with other guests/ranch staff. The riding, activities, mealtimes and culture of the ranch create great opportunities to make new friends, be included in the group and feel quite comfortable.

How many guests will be at the ranch at one time?

We will have a maximum of about 25-35 guests at one time.

What are the closest airports?

Tucson International Airport (1 hour and 30 minutes away)

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (just under 3 hours’ drive)

Please click here for information about airport transfers.

When is check in/check out?

Check in is at 2 p.m. on your arrival day. Check out is at 11 a.m. on your day of departure.

Can the kitchen accommodate special dietary needs?

Our kitchen is happy to accommodate special dietary needs or requests with advance notice. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

What is the alcohol policy?

In our Cantina, we have a full bar with wine, beer and spirits available for your purchase.

Is there cell service?

There is cell service at the ranch, but it can be spotty. We do have wi-fi available. Given our proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border, for guests without an international phone plan, we do recommend turning off data roaming while at the ranch.

What amenities are in my room?

Each room is equipped with basic toiletries and a hair dryer. There are no televisions in the rooms.

Are there laundry facilities?

There are no guest laundry facilities on the ranch, however, our housekeeping team would be happy to do a separate cycle for you for a small gratuity. Please arrange this with ranch staff.

What is the pet policy?

We do not allow pets on the ranch.

Is tipping expected?

Tipping is appreciated if you feel you have received exceptional service during your stay. You are welcome to tip directly or notify the front desk at check out. Our rates are subject to a Ranch Service Fee, which supports our staff compensation. We do not pay tipped wages and instead pay our staff above minimum wage.

Is Trip Insurance Available?

We do not offer Trip Insurance, but recommend an outside provider called TravelGuard, which is an associate member of the Dude Ranchers’ Association.