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Rancho De La Osa Hacienda

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Rancho De la Osa

Rancho De La Osa is a very historically important property that has 10 buildings on 240 acres in Sasabe, AZ with State lease land of an additional 350 acres. Typically, the sun shines more than 300 days a year. At night, in our Zocalo, the stars twinkle and shine with unmatched clarity from a coal black sky. Located in the High Sonoran Desert along the Mexican border, we are one hour from Tucson and border the 130,000 acre Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, where you can watch deer and antelope still roaming in herds. Nestled among huge eucalyptus trees, the gracious lifestyle of the Old Southwest is captured and treasured in our 1800's Hacienda. This elegant building welcomes each guest with warm and inviting ambience. Furnished with Mexican antiques, the Hacienda is a gentle reminder of the fascinating history of this magnificent Spanish land grant.

The Arizona Daily Star, August 28, 1889:
".....It is one of the most beautiful tracts of land in Arizona. It is located a few yards from the Sonora line, and possessory right was purchased from a Mexican citizen. Several acres of the land is under fine cultivation. Gardens, orchards and pasture fields, a fine residence, handsomely furnished, and full quota of out buildings are some of the attractions of the ranch. He has a large reservoir for water storage in a canyon not far from the ranch, with a dam wall sufficiently high to store an abundance of water for his large cattle herds during the entire year, and it has proved a success in every particular. Those who have visited La Osa, speak of it as a paradise....."

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