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In the News

Rancho De La Osa has been featured in numerous books and media articles including:

Great Escapes Around the World 2008:  Mi Adobe Hacienda
We are in the United States, but not quite.  Once upon a time, this piece of of beautiful high desert land in southern Arizona, were Rancho De La Osa sits, was part of Mexico. (more)

April, 2010: National Geographic Traveler: An adobe guest ranch with Spanish land-grant heritage in high Sonoran desert.  Pool with 100-year-old saguaro.  Mission bell rings when cantina (1725) opens. (more)

Cowboys &  Indians (December 2008)

1,000 Places to See in the USA and Canada Before You Die (2007)

The Great Country Inns of America Cookbook (2007)

National Geographic Arizona—Sonora Desert Region
Geotourism Mapguide (2007)

Arizona Highways TV travel show (2007)

Forbestraveler.com 10 Luxury Dude Ranches (2007)

Phoenix Magazine (2007)

The Desert Home: "Evenings beckon their guests to the old hacienda patio for a famous ranch margarita or a sampling from their world-class wine collection. Interiors are a sophisticated blend of hand-hewn artifacts and the Schultz's impressive contemporary art collection."

Objekt Interior, Architecture, Art & Design: "The peace is only disturbed by the sound of the ancient mission bell, ringing to announce the "cantina" is open or that dinner is served, very pleasant, especially when all you hear is the neighing of the horses, or the hooting of an owl in the distance."

Arizona Highways: "The effect harkens to the more genteel, slower times of the 1920s and '30s. In fact, one of our primary impressions was the quiet; the lack of hustle and bustle, the plummet in our blood pressures, and our unwillingness to leave."

Hip Hotels USA: "First, in terms of location Rancho de la Osa is exactly where a ranch should be: in the high Sonoran Desert, just a mile from the Mexican border, a land of red earth and canyons once haunted by the likes of Geronimo and Cochise."

Highroads: "...dine on a variety of delicious, exquisitely prepared items. Meals range from pork chili verde enchiladas to grilled swordfish with cranberry-orange chipotle relish and is sinfully delicious, especially the chocolate decadence."

Persimmon Hill (The Cowboy Hall of Fame): "...in the 1920s, Rancho de la Osa hosted such notables as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, author Margaret Mitchell, and cowboy movie star Tom Mix. Photographs in the library show a young Lyndon Baines Johnson on horseback during a ranch visit."

San Francisco Magazine: "The place is as vibrant and playful as Chagall in a good mood. Against the dusty red dirt, fence posts blaze purple; 17th century adobe buildings are offset by a wall of turquoise."

Bon Appetit: "Plates are filled with a red chili Caesar salad, mesquite-grilled turkey with raspberry-chipotle chili sauce, lemon pinon rice, oven-roasted asparagus and homemade cranberry-jalapeno relish."

Travel Holiday: "City slicker? Give them (Rancho de la Osa) three days, and you'll be a lord of the ring."

Architectural Digest: "The couple's admirable historicism, while evident in everything from furnishings to architectural details is always subjugated to a single imperative: to make sure their guests relax. Guests find peace in an ongoing series of small, perfect experiences."

Sunset Magazine: "This former Spanish hacienda still has a pleasing air of wildness about it, good hiking, horseback riding and bird-watching."

Outside Traveler: "Scanning the dusty arroyos it's easy to imagine a time when outlaws crossed this parched landscape to the safety of Mexico, cyclists can borrow the lodge's mountain bikes to explore imagining they're being chased by a posse and can't rest until they cross the border."

Dove (Italian magazine): "...il territorio celebrato dalla prosa di Cormac McCarthy.

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