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Rancho De La Osa Hacienda

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Description of Buildings on Property:

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Building #1 -  Hacienda (main house) Exterior | Interior - is built of adobe bricks, which were made on the ranch. Completed in 1889. and written about in the AZ Daily Star as "the most grand hacienda in the territory". It is 5,000 sq ft and includes: a commercial kitchen, main dining room that seats 30 , 4 sitting rooms all with fireplaces and 2 bathrooms. It has been featured in many magazines and books, including Architectural Digest and Hip Hotels.

Building #2: Cantina was built as a mission outpost in the early 1700's by the Jesuits sent from Spain. was used as a trading post and is the "oldest building in AZ that has been continously occupied and never abandoned". Used now for recreation, can be used as a stand aloneart or music studio.

Building #3: Adlai Stevenson House: Built in the 1920's as 2 residences, it was refurbished and made into one residence. It has fabulous views of the mountains. 2/br/2 bath with a living/dining room and complete kitchen.

Building #4: William Clayton House: Built in the 1930's by William Clayton, who helped draft the Marshall Plan, he built this home as a D.C. getaway for he and his wife. It is a very cozy house with three fireplaces, 2 br/2 bath with a large living area and 2 other rooms that can easily be converted to offices or a kitchen.

Building #5: East Wing: Built in 1928 by Mrs. Hardgrave of Kansas City. Her husband gave her the property as a birthday present. He owned the Kansas City Star and the Kansas City ice house. It is constructed of adobe bricks, made on the ranch. It has 7 guest rooms and 7 baths. One of the rooms is large enough to convert to a separate apartment.

Building #6: West Wing: Built in 1889 as the ranch church and school, subsequent guests rooms were added 1928. It has 7 suites with separate sitting rooms/king sized bedrooms and tiled bathrooms. Front and back porches.

Building #7: North Wing: Completed in 1889 as an adjunct to the original hacienda, it has 5 guest rooms and 4 bathrooms. It has a view of the fountain area.

Building #8: completed in 1889. South Wing: Opposite the Hacienda, it has 3 bathrooms/an office and a manager's apartment.

Building #9: Laundry/staff Quarters: completed in 1889 it has the laundry room, and three small staff rooms with a bath, bed and sitting room in each.

Building #10: Blue Building: built in 2004, this building has 3,000 square feet of usable space. Can be used a a teaching facility, gym or recording studio, or, large storage building.

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